Teeth Whitening

Having a very bright, white smile is one of the best ways to face the world. With a beautiful white smile, you may find yourself more confident or outgoing, and people find a nice white smile attractive. In addition to being a safe, easy, affordable cosmetic dentistry treatment, tooth whitening can improve many other aspects of your life.

Tooth whitening products can be found everywhere, and many people try them, thinking they will provide dazzling white teeth. Unfortunately, most of these over-the-counter tooth whitening products produce unnatural results.

Dr. Dwivedi is an experienced, qualified cosmetic dentist. If you would like to have wonderful, white, natural-looking results, Dr. Dwivedi can design a custom tooth whitening treatment that will brighten your smile in much less time than typical over-the-counter products.

Dr. Dwivedi whitens teeth using two different types of tooth whitening treatment. Dr. Dwivedi can brighten your smile in his Tysons Corner cosmetic dentistry studio using Power Bleaching tooth whitening. With Power Bleaching, you can achieve a whiter smile in just one short office visit, using a combination of tooth-whitening gel and a high intensity light. This material is very potent and can only be used by a qualified dentist. This is NOT Zoom whitening or any of the kiosk type stations you see in the malls.

The second type of tooth whitening is an at home treatment Dr. Dwivedi can prescribe. With the at-home tooth whitening treatment, Dr. Dwivedi will provide you with custom designed trays that you can fill with tooth whitening gel and wear in the comfort of your own home. Depending on the treatment prescribed, you may wear the trays while you sleep, or for just a few hours each day for a short amount of time. The concentration of this material is stronger than Zoom or the mall kiosks.

In order to determine what kind of tooth whitening treatment is right for you, it is important that you visit Dr. Dwivedi. Dr. Dwivedi will make sure you receive beautiful, natural looking, tooth whitening results.

When performed in Dr,Dwivedi’s dentall office, tooth whitening is not only completely safe, but it is also incredibly effective, eliminating embarrassing stains and discoloration.

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